March Meetup: First Meetup for 2017!

WordPress Davao says hello to 2017! What’s the best way to start the year with a blast is of course through our monthly meetup.

First Things First

We skipped the last two months (supposedly the usual monthly meetups) but here’s an update to give you idea on happenings for the past few months:

December 2016 – Dreb & I co-volunteered at WordCamp Manila held in Microsoft Tower, Makati City, Metro Manila. Andrew spoke at the event about how they work at Automattic. You should attend this year, too! From what I’ve heard, tentative date will be around 3rd quarter of this year, so we’ll keep you posted 🙂

January 2017 – Dreb, Jhong, Jaymar and I spoke at an event for a local community of bloggers and influencers named Davao Digital Influencers, Inc. We talked and demonstrated how to use WordPress for bloggers. It was the first time WordPress Davao was invited by other local community to talk and share about WordPress and how it can easily power up their blogs or websites.

Dreb wrote a brief blog post about his talk on his website.

February 2017 – Dreb attended The WordCamp Thailand and gave a talk at Saigon WordPress meetup.

That’s it! Pretty hectic right? So that’s the story why we started the meetup for this year at the end of March. If you have any WordPress related happenings to share with us, feel free to ping us in our WordPress Davao Facebook page or send us updates through our contact form here. We’d love to know your journey with WordPress.

March 2017 Meetup Topics

We WordPress

Dreb opened the event with a welcome message and a quick introduction about the (We) WordPress Davao community. We’re doing this every meetup to keep the new members informed about the community’s objectives.

The community is all about reaching out to other people who make things or use with WordPress. Since it’s an open-source platform, one way for us to give back is by way of organizing events such as meetups, sharing knowledge and learning about innovations with WordPress and how we can contribute to the core community.

Getting Started with Theme Development

Good themes improve engagement with your website’s content.

Basically, it’s the design of the WordPress website. Dreb talked about getting started with Theme Development by defining what is a WordPress theme and other helpful understanding for you to start building your very own theme.

Link to slide:

Getting Started with Divi Theme

Romel gave us a walkthrough about the basic yet powerful features of Divi—one of the popular and most used themes of Elegant themes.

Link to slide:

Creating Themes with Sage Starter Theme

We’ve learned from our first time speaker, Renz, how we can make use of Sage started theme to modernize our process of developing a WordPress theme. This starter theme is jam-packed with modern front-end development workflow.

Link to slide: theme-development-with-sage-second-edition




Our massive thanks to March sponsors! for the tambayan (hangout place) and Prior Marketing Solutions for our snacks.

Kita-kits sa atong next hangout!