December 2016 Meetup Sidenote

I would just like to give a shoutout of big thanks to NOW Outsourcing Services and Prior Marketing for being our sponsors in the recently concluded meet-up! It’s our first time to receive support both from foreign and our very own local businesses ❤.

NOW ( is a local outsourcing agency that offers professional digital marketing to local and international clients. They are hiring, too!

Prior Marketing ( is a team of innovative marketing experts that specializes in Funnel Development and Infusionsoft Automation. They are based out of Reno, Nevada, USA — a very humbling experience that we even got support from the other side the world!

Companies like them are just testaments that any size of businesses and from any where in the world are with us in giving back to WordPress and helping the community grow by supporting groups such as ours. Their support will fuel us going forward.

We’re all in this WordPress project together.
WordCamp Europe 2016

I can’t wait to share how the recent meet-up went on the next blog post. In the meantime, enjoy the gloomy weather in Davao. 🌧

P.S We’re looking for sponsors (we encourage locals) for our future meet-ups. We’d like the community to get to know businesses that use WordPress and connect our members with them, as well as learn from their business. If you’d like to reach out or know a business that you can send our way — contact us through the form in our about page.