Next Meetup Planning for WordPress 5.0

As we draw closer to the release of WordPress 5.0, I’d like us to start planning for the next meetup with focus around the upcoming major version, the ‘Twenty Nineteen’ theme & the new editor ‘Gutenberg’. Since there will be a lot of new features coming into the core, I would suggest we will have a follow-up meetup for the Gutenberg. On the first hangout, we would focus more on the general under the hood of 5.0 release, preview of Twenty Nineteen, and the user experience of the new block editor. The second meetup would be about exploring the ‘block’ concept of the editor, migrating your data from the classic interface into Gutenberg, and simple block development.

If you’ve been testing WordPress 5.0 lately and would like to share your thoughts about it, we would love to have you on our next meetup.

If you want to get involve or have any suggestions, please leave a comment below or join the discussion on our Facebook group.


October 2018 Meetup—From a First-Timer’s POV


A few moments before community time started.

New and familiar faces showed at the room. Small groups huddled on their own. Meanwhile, loners like myself leaned on my trusted social crutch—my smartphone.

A few moments later, people started pouring in. And, like clockwork, the short introductions and overviews began.

The October meetup event description promised lighthearted but informative discussions. Yet, as Dreb broke the ice, it was clear that we were oblivious to the coming meaty talks.

James Retuya started with SEO basics. Anyone who hasn’t heard about SEO would have thought he was speaking a foreign language.

Even so, for us who have a basic grasp of SEO, there was plenty to learn from his talk.

Georg Kevin Paquet, a seasoned WordPress blogger and Editor-in-Chief of Pinoy Teens Media, shared tips, anecdotes and the essentials to get started blogging with WordPress. The latter consisted of his humble days back in 2007 as a teen blogger in WordPress.

His stories, consequently, reminded me of my teen self who slaved way tweaking my Friendster theme.

Finally, Ria Jose, another seasoned blogger, wrapped the talks. She discussed blogging and writing succinctly–like a true online wordsmith.

Her directness and agreeableness embodied the thriving online whizzes of the gig economy.

Looking back, not much of a fuss preceded the October meetup. But, it was fruitful, enthusiastic, and practical.

Here are the links to the presentation slides of our speakers:

WordPress Davao is a growing community of diverse enthusiasts and pros. If you want to be a volunteer, just fill in this form. To get notifications for our next meetups, join us in our Meetup and Facebook groups.

March 2018 Meetup: Intro to Theme Development

WordPress users are familiar with the concept of themes. They let you to customize your site and swap out functions and features as you see fit. There are loads of themes to choose from, both free and premium, that give you variety of options.

That’s why, last March 17 at DevHub Coworking Space, WordPress evangelists and newbies convened in a meetup that talked about theme development.

We WordPress.

The session started with Dreb – a web engineer from 10up and co-organizer of WP Davao, talked about what the community is all about. He also discussed about the hierarchy of WordPress Template.

Dreb’s presentation slide can be accessed here.

Basic Theme Development.

Guy Romelle Magayano, a full stack developer from Infosoft Studio talked about the fundamentals of building a theme. He also pointed out the benefits of building it from ground up and with the use of existing frameworks to make it efficient. Thus, it does not reinvent the wheel but innovate it using available tools and resources.

Guy’s slide can be found here.

Child Theme Development.

WordPress is constantly being updated every now and then due to thousands of active contributors. It can be the core, plugins and even the themes. Now, why is it important to create a child theme?

Mint Medillo, a backend developer from Dash10 shared his knowledge about the importance a child theme when customizing the website’s main (parent) theme. He showed how easily it can be created using the three essential components – child theme directory, stylesheet and functions.php

Mint’s slide can be accessed here.

Did you find this article helpful? Why do you want to learn WordPress development? What do you want to know more about? Let us know in the comments below.


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This community is 100% fueled by volunteers with the support of our sponsors (we’ll give you the list of sponsors soon) who embrace open-source.

So you want to help out running our community and share your awesomeness? Great! Lock-in period? NONE. Requirements? Only two things: You ❤️ WP and have fun!

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Code of Conduct

In order to help emphasize our priority to inclusivity and diversity by creating a 100% welcoming atmosphere in our local community, I’ve added our Code of Conduct. These guiding rules are curated by our global community with the goal of ensuring that everyone will have a wonderful experience and feel welcome in every WordPress event. We would love for you to read it when you get a chance.

If you have any questions or concerns. Please comment here or contact us.

First Meetup Planning for 2018

We are in the process of finalizing our first meetup this 2018, and we need your help! We are calling for volunteers and speakers nato diri sa Davao. Signup lang sa Call for Volunteers or comment down below.

We will be posting a poll later sa Facebook Group para makatabang sa mga mag-organize kung unsa ang mga okay na i-topics for our meetups.

We are looking at March 3 or 10 for the next meetup 🙌🏼 Anyone interested to sponsor a venue? Please reach out to us!

Feel free to comment below for reactions or suggestions.

2017 Annual Meetup Member Survey

I hope you enjoyed 2017 as much as we did! As we always say, your opinion is valuable. If you would spare us some of your time to answer our annual meetup survey, we’d truly appreciate it!

Just fill out the survey form from this link:

Become an Event Organizer
True to our open source mantra, becoming an event organizer is open to all who wants to join. We are always calling for volunteers who like to give back to WordPress, and in return we will learn together and be inspired with one another. Simply fill out our form or ping us on our Facebook group and we will get in touch with you!

Now, go on with your day as we get 2018 off to a great start!

Upcoming: Christmas 2017 Meetup

Hey! We’re back again for our December 2017 meetup this Dec 9, 2PM-5PM. First time na’to mag-collaborate with the newest co-working space in town, Spacelab PH!

WordPress 4.9 Field Guide
Major Customizer Improvements, Code Error Checking, and More!

Gutenberg: The Future of a Block-based editor
The nuts and bolts of the new editor in the works.

Lightning Talks: WordCamp Manila 2017 Recap
Reminiscing and takeaways from the recently concluded WordCamp in Manila.

Community Time
Open floor for any WordPress Q&A (help or feedback for you projects?)

Please RSVP if you can sa group.

WordPress Meetup (December 2017)

Saturday, Dec 9, 2017, 2:00 PM

Spacelab PH
1029 E.Jacinto Extension Davao City Davao, PH

7 Members Attending

Hey! We’re back again for our December 2017 meetup. It’s our first time to collaborate with the newest co-working space in town, Spacelab PH! WordPress 4.9 Field Guide Major Customizer Improvements, Code Error Checking, and More! Gutenberg: The Future of a Block-based editor The nuts and bolts of the new editor in the works. Lightning Talks: WordCa…

Check out this Meetup →

Kinsa excited sa atong mini Pre-Christmas hangout? 🙌🏼🎄

Upcoming: Mini Meetup + Global WordPress Translation Day 3


Apology for the short notice but this one is really a more casual meetup (a.k.a mini meetup).

On September 30th, we are participating again in the Global WordPress Translation Day – 3rd edition, along with other WP communities around the globe. It’s a day dedicated for WordPress localization and internationalization.


  • Co-working – basically we’re workmates in a couple of hours working with our WordPress projects.
  • Q&A – it’s going to be an open floor. Feel free to ask WordPress questions; may it be for your projects or just want to learn or share. Since it’s translation day, we will give priority to questions regarding translating in WordPress e.g what plugins we can recommend for a multilingual project, how to make texts in themes and plugins to be translatable.

You can join us either in person or remotely (or both!) I will open a discussion sa Facebook group nato around the same time about WordPress localization and internationalization.

Mini Meetup + Global WordPress Translation Day 3

Saturday, Sep 30, 2017, 2:00 PM

Coffee at Yellow Hauz
V. Mapa St. Davao, PH

7 Members Went

Apology sa short notice but this one is really a more casual meetup (a.k.a mini meetup).On September 30th, we are participating in Global WordPress Translation Day – 3rd edition along with other WP communities around the globe. It’s a day dedicated for WordPress localization and internationalization.Activities:• Co-working – basically we’re work…

Check out this Meetup →

 – – – –

Meetup place is at Coffee at Yellow Hauz (checkout the event on for the map).

More info sa WPTranslationDay:

Online WordPress Translation Day conference:



WP Davao Partners DevCon Davao Summit

DevCon Davao is organizing, of what I think, the first biggest conference dedicated for developers (and future developers) here in Davao and our neighboring provinces! DevCon Summit: Davao Edition will bring together local, national, and international personalities on Startups, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Web and Mobile Development. This is truly a step forward to cultivate our tech scene that has been long overdue.

The event will happen on October 7 at Apo View Hotel. Let’s enjoy a jam-packed day to meet, hangout and connect with developers/designer/VA friends in our town while learning great tech topics includeing from different tech companies.

This is open for students, professionals and other interested parties! Get your tickets here, and use our coupon WPDAVAO20 for 20% discount (valid until Septermber 23rd and limited for 10 signups only).

Checkout the event on Eventbrite:­

PS. If interested mo about headless website implementation with WordPress (REST API, Reactjs/Redux, Single Page Application), come and hear me talk about it sa event.

Kita kits!

#davao-tech, #devcollab4innov, #devsummitdvo

Davao Bloggers Mini BootCamp


I am invited to give a talk for Mini Bootcamp this coming Saturday, August 5. This is an event organized by Davao Bloggers Society for budding bloggers. My talk will be about essential plugins that help you supercharge your WordPress blogs. I’m excited to share this part of WordPress with you! There are also other amazing sessions that you should watch out for.

Come and join us. Say hello to me, too!